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About Us

Sheer Dance is an independent publication that presents news and information relevant to the partner-dancing community in the central United States and the nation at large. It is intended to be an accessible outlet for members of the community to discuss their experiences and opinions in a public forum. Published monthly, Sheer Dance is run by group of skilled volunteers with extensive experience in creating and distributing successful partner-dance publications.

This magazine is meant to serve the community as a positive and unifying force by addressing the needs and desires of all groups within the community. Sheer Dance:

Sheer Dance is made possible by the generous contributions of members of the community. If you enjoy reading this publication, please consider contributing an article or photos, making a donation, subscribing, or volunteering your time and skills.

The staff of Sheer Dance can be reached at info@sheerdance.com. We hope to hear from you!

Volunteer Team

Editor In Chief

Taylor Wall

A lifelong dancer, Taylor started ballroom dancing with the U of MN Ballroom Dance Club. She's been volunteering in the dance community for five years. She oversees production of Sheer Dance from beginning to end each month, working closely with the acquisitions and editing teams to craft an exciting and interesting magazine you can look forward to each month. Email her at info@sheerdance.com.

Executive Editor

Julie Johnston

Julie is, by day, a senior digital production specialist in the field of educational e-books and she has spent her entire career creating print publications from catalogs to textbooks. She ensures content in Sheer Dance is consistent, organized, and clear. As she puts it "I try to drain the swamp before we are up to our butts in alligators." She is in her first year of learning the joys of partner dancing.

Creative Director

Nicholas Westlake

Nicholas Westlake crafts the look and feel of Sheer Dance. He oversees our design and publishing teams, building impactful visuals while ensuring each aspect of the publication complements the image and style you know and love. In the wild, he's also a passionate ballroom competitor, an avid dance instructor, and a no-nonsense software developer.


Olivia Wicker

Olivia is a fresh face in dance and design. A life-long martial artist, her love of competitive sports and artistic creation drew her to study kinesiology and graphic design at the University of Minnesota. Now she's enjoying the adventure of ballroom dancing. She designs and develops the layout, graphic elements, and content of Sheer Dance and guides creative decisions.

Acquisitions Editor

Alexzandra Enger

When she's not busy dancing, volunteering, or studying, Alex will likely be found-coffee in hand spending time with her friends, conquering video games, discovering new music, and whipping up delicious meals and desserts. She wants to travel the world, dance as often as she can, and be happy. As Acquisitions Editor of Sheer Dance, Alex is responsible for gathering all content for the magazine. If you've got articles or photos to share, send them to Alexzandra at submissions@sheerdance.com.

Advertising Editor

Hannah Alyea

Hannah is rarely seen without a smile on her face and loves to spread the good news of ballroom dance. She is the vice president of the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club and an active competitor. As Advertising Editor, Hannah is responsible for ensuring that Sheer Dance readers can connect with the vendors, products, and events of interest to them. If you're interested in advertising with Sheer Dance, email Hannah at ads@sheerdance.com.

Subscription Coordinator

Theresa Kimler

A seven-time USA Dance open smooth champion, nine-time rhythm champion, and four-time nine-dance champion, Theresa is an undisputed, long-standing champion of dance. Mechanical engineer by education, black-belt project manager, owner of Total Project Consulting, and lover of quadrupeds, Theresa graciously lends her expertise to Sheer Dance for the betterment of the dance community as our Subscription Coordinator.

Copy Editor

Cameron Meyferth

Cameron is a senior psychology major at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He is a competitive team member of Luther College Ballroom/Swing and has several semesters of copy editing experience working at the weekly student-run newspaper Luther College Chips. As a copy editor for Sheer Dance, Cameron reads content with an eye for grammar, spelling, and style.

Copy Editor

Bethany Seavers Templeton

Bethany saw the movie Shall We Dance? when she was twelve years old and knew that ballroom was for her. She is in her fourth year of dancing with the ballroom team at Luther College. She is an elementary education major, and can't wait to get started in the classroom. Bethany is also a copy editor for Chips, the student newspaper of Luther College. As copy editor for both Chips and Sheer Dance, she looks over the content with an eye for style and grammar.