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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

National Collegiate DanceSport Championship

By Daniel O’Connell

University of Minnesota Competitive Ballroom Dance Team
This year was my fourth and final year competing at the National Collegiate DanceSport Championship. For members of the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club, the trip involves two fourteen-hour bus rides. That's how you know the experience has to be good: it takes a lot to make a trip worth sleeping through the night on a bus.

Held at the same time and place as Ohio Star Ball, the National Collegiate DanceSport Championship often brings out the best collegiate competitors in the country, with extremely large and deep heats compared to a normal competition. Many who compete there go on to the finals and semifinals in their respective divisions and levels at USA Dance Nationals in the spring, so it is a fantastic check-in point at a fantastic price. Here's what I specifically enjoyed (or did not enjoy) about my trip this year:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

On the whole, you can see there were a lot more positives than negatives on the trip. Though I won't get to compete at the National Collegiate DanceSport Championship next year, maybe I'll go to Ohio Star Ball and get a chance to spectate and cheer on the University of Minnesota. Until then, I'll continue to develop my dancing and try not to catch any diseases before Star of the North!