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Volunteer Report

From the Executive Editor

By Mary Beth Beckman

Happy Holidays
I am downright giddy to introduce Sheer Dance to the world. Many of you know me as the former editor of the Minnesota Dancing Times. I gained a lot of invaluable experience in the two years I spent in that role, and I am excited to grow into this new leg of my volunteering journey.

Several things set this magazine apart from other ballroom dance publications, and most of those are laid out in the About Us section. I encourage you to read that very important page to learn what we’re doing and how you can be a part of it.

This inaugural issue of Sheer Dance is very special in that its primary purpose is to congratulate the University of Minnesota’s competitive ballroom team on their truly impressive performance at the Collegiate National DanceSport Championship in Ohio. Many of the competitors shared their experiences at the competition, and local clubs, studios, independent instructors, and businesses offered their congratulations to these exemplary college students.

What makes these young dancers so impressive isn’t just their placements; it’s their commitment to dance amidst all their other responsibilities. College is busy: double majors, honors courses, on- and off-campus jobs, social commitments, a few hours here and there for sleep. That these students spend their limited resources—both time and money—on dancing is sort of amazing. The University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club is expertly and lovingly run by a small group of fiercely dedicated dancers, and those club members who choose to join the competitive team are in very good hands, but it’s important to remember that even with all the help and encouragement these students receive, they’re doing something amazing just by continuing to show up to practice, work hard, buy competition clothes, and learn how to do their hair and do homework on a bus.

These dancers are the next generation of dance students and teachers. They will fill studios and fuel the local dance industry. By embracing them and lauding their commitment, we secure the ongoing relevance of ballroom dancing in the Twin Cities and across the nation.

Thanks for reading, and know that nothing would make Sheer Dance happier than to publish your articles and photos pertaining to dance. All submissions can be emailed to info@sheerdance.com.