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Going Mobile

By Tricia Wood

It has been exactly one year since James and I eliminated having our own ballroom dance studio and went mobile. I am just as busy as we always were, teaching dance lessons and putting on events seven days a week.

The same day we eliminated our studio, I started renting space at Central Park in Woodbury, just two miles east of where we were located. This venue is our main dance studio location now. It is a beautiful indoor park with a coffee and ice cream shop, indoor amphitheater, playground, and the local library. I rent the lower-level banquet rooms.

In addition to teaching private lessons and group classes, I continue to fill my Friday and Saturday nights teaching for dance clubs and performing, teaching, and DJing for corporate galas, etc., which was a big factor in eliminating the need for my own studio in the first place--so many off-site bookings!

Do I miss having my own studio? Of course, but I have much more freedom now and less overhead expense when I’m not using the space. I had five very busy, wonderful years of having my own ballroom dance studio that built up my name, my business, and my database of clients, which keep producing more and more referrals to keep me busy, successful, and happy.