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More Praise for the U of M Competitive Ballroom Team

The Grand Jete is pleased to honor the University of Minnesota competitive ballroom team and their recent success in Ohio! We wish them well in their future competitions. Grand Jete is here to support Minnesota ballroom dancers with a full line of dance apparel and shoes.

-- Grand Jete

The National Collegiate DanceSport Championship in Ohio was a blast! We had a long bus ride to get us into that competition mode, and the team hit the ground running--dancing, I should say--when we got there. Everyone put everything they had out on the floor, and during the team matches, we got to show just how loud the U of M ballroom team could be. Many couples received callbacks, and a number of couples placed as well, my partner Lee Wintervold and me among them. In bronze American waltz and tango we placed third out of sixty-eight couples, and in bronze American foxtrot we placed first out seventy! I can't explain the amount of fun we had that weekend and how proud of the team we are!

-- Lizzie Weaver

Congratulations to the U of M students on their recent competition and performances. I am honored to have been a prior instructor of a few of the team’s members during their high school years at my studio in Woodbury. I absolutely love hearing that they continued dancing and joined the ballroom dance team in college. Keep up your enthusiasm, learning, and love of this sport, and save me a dance!

-- Tricia Wood