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Dancers in Mexico

A Dancers Studio Destination

By Mary Beth Beckman

Okay, don't be jealous, but I recently returned from gorgeous Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where it was about eighty degrees and sunny every day. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a full week of new experiences--swimming with dolphins, boogie-boarding, zip-lining in the hills, hand-feeding sweet little monkeys, snorkeling. I also was able to spend some time with a bunch of really wonderful dancers I otherwise don't have much of a chance to interact with.

Over the course of relaxing group classes (Troy Lerum's fitness class and the beautiful and much-missed Maria LaNave-Johnson's stretching class were my favorite), spectator-drawing dance parties (costume night and formal night garnered significant audiences), and long social dinners, I got to know a few of my fellow vacationers.

Here are some memory snapshots I've taken away from the trip:

I have countless other memories from my time there--conversations with the staff (finally a chance to use those twelve years of Spanish study), eating a delicious burrito from a street vendor, practicing American rumba with Nels Petersen in preparation for our mixed proficiency event at Dance Fest--but the takeaway point is that I had a wonderful time. If you have the resources, I definitely recommend going on a dance vacation. Even if you don't spend all your time dancing, you'll have great experiences and interact with interesting people. And did I mention it was eighty degrees and sunny?