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Hello, fellow dancers!

I have been wanting to write a continuing column on ballroom dancing for a long time. I really wanted to start out with a bang on the current style of a particular dance or a history lesson on technique, but when I sat down and started to write, I felt the urge to hear from you. So let's say this is an introductory column, and we will dig into dance starting with the May issue.

I've always felt many Q-and-A articles only scratched the surface of a certain question or involved a political point of view. I have no desire to politicize this column, so I feel it would best if I remain anonymous. I thought about this for quite a long time, and I wanted an article that would educate and celebrate ballroom dancing without the ego. I also wanted to avoid supplying you with a one-sided account, which is why I have contacted quite a few current and past ballroom champions from around the world to help with this endeavor. They will be contributing their perspectives on the questions you submit.

This new column will look at everything from what's trendy in choreography to how to do a proper rumba walk, and anything else that comes up. With this format, we can explore a few questions in one article! So to get this ball rolling, I need something from you: questions! Ask me anything and everything about ballroom dancing.

Your questions can be emailed to info@sheerdance.com. I look forward to diving in!

Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.

— Martha Graham