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Volunteer Report

Sheer Dance Is Going Places

By Mary Beth Beckman

April and May were exciting months for Sheer Dance. Our distribution is steadily rising, and a wonderful side effect of that has been increased interest in having our correspondents cover local ballroom events.

Since the beginning, we've been fortunate to have a nice stable of contributors who write about what a great time they had at a particular event or take photos at a social dance they attended. Now we're sending correspondents out on assignment to experience various ballroom happenings around the Twin Cities, take photos, interview attendees, and write an article about it all.

Both formats of article are fantastic and valuable. Sometimes you go to an event and have such a great time that you just have to write about it, and that enthusiasm shines on the page and brings joy to readers. But there's something uniquely useful and satisfying about going into an event knowing that one of your main goals is to write about it later. Experiencing something as a writer is different, and I am deeply excited to see what kinds of stories we produce as we continue being invited to attend events as members of the press.

Are you hosting an event you'd like Sheer Dance to cover? Send an email to info@sheerdance.com at least a month before the occasion letting us know you'd like one of our correspondents to join you.

Do you know of a really interesting dance event coming up that you think we should write about? Let us know! We never would have made it to the Steampunk Ball covered in this month's issue if a member of the dance community hadn't brought it to our attention.

I'm very proud of the progress we've made over the past six months. Our volunteer team is growing along with our distribution, and we're really becoming a natural part of the Minnesota dance community. Thank you for reading, and know that your articles and photos are always welcome.