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By the Expert

Easy answer: yes! Popularity of any style or dance comes from two elements:

What becomes a trend becomes popular. For a long time, American-style dances overseas have been popular based on the trend of a particular dance: mambo, swing, etc. Because individual American-style dances have trend appeal, it bodes well for American styles as a whole.


In Europe and across the world, franchise studios have opened their doors to introduce American-style social dancing. Eventually what results from introducing all styles of American social dancing is American-style competition. The WDC recently added American style to their program, which is the first step to having it recognized in other countries, much like how we recognized international style here.

There is no doubt that the American style will be a strong force worldwide in the near future. Keep watching the trends while America leads the way to bring this style to every competition in the world. Thanks for writing, and keep those quesitons coming!

“Never miss a chance to dance.”