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A Good Start for the U of M Ballroom Dance Club

By Seth Westlake

This year, the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club received a grant award from the Sport Clubs program at the university to help us cover the costs of our biggest competition of the year, the National Collegiate Championships. This grant was a huge success for us, because our club only had about a week to write it (and right before finals, too).

Receiving that grant got me thinking about what other opportunities grant funding might afford us. As this year’s publicity officer, I immediately considered our marketing potential. Frankly, I don’t know a thing about marketing (yet), but a few other officers and I put together a marketing plan with the goal of reaching four hundred potential members.

Thanks to a generous grant from U Partner Dance, we're now able to market all over campus using a variety of means (flyers, posters, special marketing events, etc.), on top of utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms.

I want to extend a huge thank you to U Partner Dance for giving the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club the opportunity to pursue our marketing plan. This is an experiment for us, but we are very optimistic and enthusiastic about the potential results.