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Volunteer Report

About U Partner Dance

As a relatively new nonprofit dedicated to dance, Sheer Dance has asked us to introduce ourselves to the community and write a little bit about ourselves. We’d like to thank the Sheer Dance team for the opportunity, as well as all their hard work putting this wonderful publication together.

U Partner Dance is a nonprofit dedicated to investing in the future of ballroom dance in the Upper Midwest and nationwide. In particular, we focus on initiatives that increase involvement with ballroom dance and low-stress opportunities for dancers to participate in dancesport. We also provide funding and logistical support to organizations promoting ballroom dance in their area.

We're proud to support Minnesota Ballroom Blast and Dance Fest, as well as several local organizations that have requested financial assistance. In the next year, we hope to increase the breadth and range of organizations we support, as well as create lasting initiatives that will significantly increase the number of ballroom dancers of all ages throughout Minnesota.

If you’d like to find out more, check out our website at upartnerdance.org or send us a message at info@upartnerdance.org. We look forward to helping create a brighter future for dance!