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Building Connection

By Patrick Severin

Hey, is this seat taken?

Oh? No, that’s my stuff. Go ahead.

Thanks. I’m exhausted. Fun dance, though.

Yeah! I love these. Are you new?

Yep. I’m here for the summer.

Okay. I’m Cynthia.

Andrew. Nice to meet you! Oh, this is a west coast. Want to dance?

My west coast isn’t the best ….

That makes two of us.


Hey, Cynthia! What’s with the laptop?

Nothing. Seriously, nothing.

I don’t believe yo—wow, really?

Shh. I’m trash.

You’re playing video games—


—at a social dance?!

It’s a new update!

Nope. C’mon, we’re waltzing.

Oookay, one minu—

Nope, now!



And then he says, ‘Women have the most rights in this country! Compared to anywhere else, women have more rights than men.’ And I’m just digging my nails into the table, but I’m at the entry desk, representing the dance org, so I can’t say anything back.

Wow, is he still here?

No, he kept walking. Driveby trash.

That’s awful. I’m sorry …. Wanna hustle?



Thanks for helping me move! I was worried I’d have to haul all this by hand.

Yeah, no probl—I …. Is that a sword?



One smile and suuuuuuddenly nobody--




Oh, my god, that finale was a-mazing!

This was such a great idea. I’m glad you asked me.


So you have to have all your stuff out of here by tomorrow?

Yeeeeah ….

Andrew, nothing is packed.

Yeah ….

Andrew, there are clothes everywhere.

I know ….

Andrew, do you know what you are?


Basically. Now let’s do this.


You’re going back tonight?

Right after the dance.

Will you be coming back next summer?

I hope so. But that depends on … well, a lot of things.


Would you like to waltz?

Cynthia, I’d love to.