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Volunteer Report

Developing a USA Dance Chapter

By Melissa Baddin

My name is Melissa Baddin, and I am the chapter coordinator for USA Dance Developing Chapter #2101, a USA Dance chapter for Northern Minnesota. I have been part of the ballroom community for about three years and know that it is time to bring USA Dance to my hometown of Duluth and the surrounding areas. Sheer Dance was kind enough to let me write a volunteer report to highlight the efforts to start this new USA Dance chapter.

USA Dance is a nonprofit volunteer organization which is the governing body for dancesport in the United States, and has chapters in more than 155 communities across the country. The purpose of local chapters is to create opportunities for affordable ballroom dancing in the community, as well as educate the public regarding the many personal, social, physical, and mental benefits of ballroom dancing.

As the chapter coordinator for USA Dance Developing Chapter #2101, my current goal is to find at least twenty-five individuals interested in ballroom dance who wish to join a USA Dance chapter operating in Northern Minnesota. This will begin the process to become a fully-fledged USA Dance chapter, which will help provide more ballroom dancing opportunities for ballroom dancers in Duluth and the entire northern region.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the efforts to start a brand-new USA Dance chapter in the state of Minnesota, you should check out the other article I wrote for this issue of Sheer Dance. I’ll also have a table at Minnesota Ballroom Blast on October 25th where you can get to know me or ask for more information.

Thank you for supporting our efforts!