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Senior II World Championship

An Adventure in Vancouver

By Janie Nordberg

Andy and I, along with four other couples from the United States, had the great honor of representing the US in the Senior II Standard World Championship held on November 15, 2014, in Vancouver, Canada. We were overjoyed to make it to the third round, which was the top thirty-six out of fifty-five couples competing. All five US couples made it to the top thirty-six, and two couples made it on to the quarterfinal.

We had a wonderful time getting to know the other couples from the US and building friendships that we otherwise might not have had the opportunity to develop. There was a parade in the evening for all the couples competing in the Senior II World Championship that we got to participate in. It was a very surreal moment and felt a bit like being part of the Olympics! It was amazing to watch the top couples in our division competing in the semifinal and final. The level of dancing around the world in our division is so much higher than I suspected, and it was a great experience to get to be a part of it and be inspired to improve our own dancing.

The competition was very well run, and the hotel was beautiful. We even enjoyed the outdoor pool and spa. I balked at first, but then Andy reminded me of my northern Minnesota tough blood, and I couldn’t resist the challenge. We stayed an extra day to enjoy the city. Vancouver is a beautiful place to visit with lots of scenic views and parks and great night life. We asked the hotel concierge (who was very helpful) for advice on where to go for dinner, and she sent us to a place called Steam Works. We were not disappointed. The food was to die for, the ale quite good, and the place was filled with happy celebratory people. We will definitely look forward to the next opportunity to compete at a WDSF world event.