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Embarking on a New Adventure

Creating Dancesport Hair and Makeup Tutorials

By Jana Rose

jana rose
Hi, guys! This is Jana of Jana Rose Arts.

We are lucky to have such a fantastic community of ballroom dancers, instructors, and coaches in Minnesota, aren't we? It's wonderful to be surrounded by so many passionate, creative, and talented individuals. With over ten years’ experience as an instructor and competitor myself, I have always felt a sense of pride in being able to do something so unique and special. Over time, however, I became increasingly aware of the lack of educational resources when it came to proper grooming for dancers. You could take a lesson, learn your figures and technique, but preparation beyond the initial dancing was often limited.

Dance is an aesthetic art. It's incredibly visual, so our external appearance is very important. Knowing your steps and choreography is a crucial part of the process, but it doesn't stop there. Proper costuming, of course, is another vital part of the package, but what I found to be most often overlooked was how to finish or complete the look with appropriate hair and makeup. Whether you perform at a local showcase or compete for a national title, having the right look on the dance floor is a must—beside the fact that it's just really fun to dress up and look your best.

A while back, I began looking online for helpful resources on dancesport hair and makeup but came up empty-handed. Being a hair and makeup artist as well, I was immediately inspired to work on making a series of tutorials just for dancesport makeup. The response of support and appreciation from dancers around the world was not only thrilling, but it proved there was a real need and desire for these types of resources within our community. I began organizing workshops and offering one-on-one consultations. Over the years, my work in dancesport hair and makeup has evolved and is fast approaching an exciting new chapter.

This winter I am starting production on a brand-new, professionally produced line of instructional videos specifically for ballroom and Latin dancers. These videos will cover hair and makeup for men and women of all ages and varying hair and skin types. Once added to my online library, each video will be available for instant download to any device. It will be as easy as scrolling through a variety of beautiful images, choosing the look you'd like to create, and downloading to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This project will serve as a fantastic creative opportunity for me, and I'm looking forward to exploring the depth of my abilities as an artist. I have always been passionate about sharing, supporting, and educating others in the joy of inspiration and personal empowerment. That's what makes projects like this so special for me; they put the creative power in your hands.

Stay tuned for updates, photos, links, and more as we move forward with this innovative and exciting project. If you’re interested in modeling for this project, shoot me an email at jana.rose.arts@gmail.com. Can't wait to share more with you all!