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Life Through Dance

The Artists Within Us

By Elizabeth Dickinson

Ballroom dance occupies a singular place among the arts, even among other forms of dance, because it blends aspects of sport, socializing, and art.

Feeling compelled to dance truly is an artistic impulse to create. All dancers (social, performing, competitive) have at least some aspect of the artist archetype inside them.

In her book Archetypes: A Beginner’s Guide to Your Inner-net, Caroline Myss writes that the journey of the artist/creative archetype is one of self-exploration—exploring the depths of your creativity and its profound power to transform everything in your life.

Talent is something we do rather than something we have. Too many people discount expressing their gifts out of fear of not being good enough, not making money, or coming across as ordinary.

Impulses to create crop up sometimes in ordinary situations: how you dress, how you decorate a room or a cake or your hair. Don’t minimize these expressions; they are a part of what makes you unique. Whatever you take the time to do especially well is one of your talents.

Creativity is a stream flowing through you, demanding expression. It provides energy. If you dam it up, you prevent the flow of your natural creative insight. You may even wall yourself up against self-transformation.

In this new year, what creative expression do you want to initiate or explore further? What’s one step you can take today to honor that creative impulse?

May we pursue the path of creativity without being overly concerned about the results.