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Volunteer Report

Dance Fest: One Month to Go!

By Michael Kasinkas

Dance Fest
The final month of preparation for an event like Dance Fest is always an interesting one. Typically, if everything has been done right, it's the point at which the event starts to crystallize—the decorations have been planned, the judges and officials have been contacted, and the participants are well aware of the event's date, times, and location. Now all that remains is the execution.

Normally, if all has gone well with planning, execution is a fairly straightforward process. If registration is easy to understand, we don't get very many questions. If we've planned in advance, we only have to hunt for just a few more volunteers to fill any vacant roles (on a related note, contact info@upartnerdance.org if you want to volunteer).

So far, this month is off to a good start. We've already confirmed our vendors—the fabulous dancesport hair and makeup artist Jana Rose of Jana Rose Arts and the soothing massage therapist Lori Alyea—and finalized scholarships (doubled from last year). However, this is also the time we have to be careful to double-check our original assumptions: Do we have enough competitor numbers? What about participation gifts? Are we satisfied with the color our lighting will be? Did we correctly measure the necessary amount of draping? Where did our mirrors go?

As the month winds down, so will preparations. Registration will close on February 21st, and we'll take the last two weeks to assemble the competitor packets, finalize supplies and decorations, and prepare to host a great event. After that, it's showtime—and hopefully a great, fun event.

From all of the Dance Fest team, we wish you a happy, stress-free, and productive February. We look forward to seeing you all in March!

Dance Fest is a stress-free amateur dancesport competition held in the Twin Cities. This year's event will be at Dancers Studio on March 7th and 8th. If you'd like to learn more, check out www.udancefest.com!