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Volunteer Report

Local Volunteer Organizations Hard at Work

There are many local organizations in the Upper Midwest that are working hard to promote ballroom dance. These volunteer organizations are only able to function because of the hard work of those willing to donate their precious time to help make a difference. Without that dedication, there would be significantly fewer dances, events, and even dancers in our community. This month, Sheer Dance wanted to devote a bit of space to acknowledging our community's volunteers.

This month's special feature draws special attention to three articles about volunteer efforts promoting ballroom dance in our community: a final report about the world-class seminars offered at Dance Fest, which would not exist without countless hours of volunteer work; Christine Trask's story about a surprise Viennese waltz performance at the Mall of America in partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; and an article by Seth Westlake about efforts on the University of Minnesota campus to welcome more dancers to our community. Each of these features focuses on the work of a different organization, but all three share the common mission of expanding ballroom dance.

If you see a volunteer this month, please take the time to thank them for their hard work. Volunteering isn't always easy, and volunteers can sometimes feel like their work isn't making a difference. Your gratitude can mean a lot.

On behalf of Sheer Dance, our deepest thanks to all who volunteer!