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Chalk Zone

Making the Most of Summer on Campus

By Hannah Alyea

Summer—a time for beaches, vacations, basking in the sun with friends, and having as much fun outside as possible before Minnesota, once again, becomes a frozen tundra. School is generally the place students are happy to be free of during the summer season, but that is where you'll find me. Before you start feeling bad for someone still on campus this time of year, I promise there's a good reason.

My friend and I have taken the campus grounds, chalk in hand, music jamming. This summer, we have been involved in projects geared towards promoting the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club (which can prove to be difficult when most students are enjoying their summer as far from campus as possible), mostly because incoming freshmen are coming for orientation. Our job is to chalk the campus with bright colors, pictures, and phrases like, “You don’t have to be a fancy pants to learn how to dance!” with the hope that these fun images might stick with them until they return seeking clubs to join.

I really enjoy this process, because not only do I get to be outside soaking up some sun, but I also get the opportunity to talk to a lot of students, parents, and even some faculty about ballroom dancing. The most interesting thing is that there is no specific type of person interested in ballroom. I have seen a large variety of people show interest in partner dancing, which is heartening. It never ceases to delight me that, within all of us, there seems to be a desire to dance, and I don't just mean twerking.