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Life Through Dance

Pursuing My Path

By Elizabeth Dickinson

This is my thirty-sixth dance column. I've loved writing these columns and hearing from readers how my dance or life insights have helped them to think about their own challenges in a new way.

However, after three years, it's time to move on and take some of that energy into my other writing projects. Those include my coaching book and bringing my musical into the world. I may write a dance-oriented column here and there, but I won't be writing regularly for a while.

I'm still writing a weekly blog with personal/professional tips for better living. If you'd like to stay in touch and subscribe to that list, just send an email to Elizabeth@pursueyourpath.com

As I end I'd like to share my "Top Ten List" of what I've learned from ballroom dance since I started in 2007.

  1. Exercise that doesn't feel like a chore or a 'should' is the best form of exercise.
  2. Everyone when they start to dance feels like they have two left feet.
  3. The ballroom dance community has some of the happiest and most gracious people. They are a pleasure to know.
  4. Learning to dance is a journey with no apparent endpoint.
  5. Many of your life challenges will be mirrored in your dance challenges, and vice versa.
  6. Dancing will change how you live your life.
  7. Ballroom dance is unexpectedly democratic; people of all ages and backgrounds mingle.
  8. Ballroom dance should be made available to more people.
  9. The neuroscience regarding the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of partner dancing are irresistible and compelling.
  10. If ballroom dance hooks you, it will probably never leave your life.

As we pursue our paths, may we extend our joy from dancing into all areas of our lives.

Best wishes always,