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Dance and Change

By Daniel Korus

Art is defined as the "application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form." Humans have captured the perfect image of art and made it so that everyone can participate in it, appreciate it, and learn to love it. Dance crosses countries’ borders, transcends language barriers, bring opposing cultures together, and brings joy to the world. The origin of dance is unknown, but it has been with us for so long that it is in our DNA. Humans have a unique urge to share and we share our feelings, thoughts, and expressions through the human form of dance. This is why dancing is so unique and has changed my life.
Ballroom dance in particular has the ability to completely change your life. Recent studies have shown that besides reducing stress and building strength, frequent ballroom dancing can actually increase our intelligence too. It has been shown to increase cognitive acuity at all ages. Furthermore, a study showed that the only activity that offered protection against dementia was dancing. Dancing is even used as therapy for patients dealing with Parkinson’s. With no side effects, dancing is truly the cure for almost anything. It can cure a bad day, a slowing mind, and fulfill a craving for passion. The other thing that has recently altered my life is a book. When I first heard of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie from my ballroom dance friends, I was a bit skeptical. It is a self-help book, but I don’t need help, or do I? It was first written in 1936 so how could it still apply to the world today. I then learned that it was recently named 19th in most influential books ever written list. If a book that was first written eighty years ago is still relevant and popular today, it must contain life changing information. After reading the book, I could see a drastic change in my daily habits, and in my dancing. Some of these changes included a happier outlook on life, better manners, enhanced communication skills, and a sense of confidence I hadn’t felt before. I would highly recommend trying ballroom dancing and reading How to Win Friends and Influence People to anyone that wants to exerience change in their life.