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Studio Spotlight

Cinema Ballroom: Great Space, Wonderful People, and Tons of Fun!

By Eric Hudson

Cinema Ballroom’s name is inextricably linked to its origin. Many in our dance community have told stories of watching movies when the Cinema Ballroom used to be the St. Clair movie theatre over 40 years ago. The amazing space has experienced many business iterations since its days of showing movies, but it has stood proud since 2005 as the home to a wonderful dance community. Overseeing the quality experience at Cinema Ballroom are the owners, Eric Hudson, Michelle Hudson and Eileen Arcilla. We are a St. Paul ballroom dance school that specializes in all forms of partner dancing. We are proud to have created a wonderful community of dancers. We believe that dance is a life changing endeavor, and we focus on discovering the needs of each student to do just that!

We know that the keys to success are hard work, putting your students’ needs above your own, and simply to have a ton of fun! Our staff guarantee this through their commitment to excellence. What makes these dance teachers special? We’re glad you asked! They study daily to continue their education. We use DVIDA certification for our professionals and amateurs. Besides national professional accreditations, our staff receive high level coachings and several of them compete professionally all over the country. Our staff are 100% the reason why we have such a wonderful dance community. Don’t take our word for it; come in and see for yourself why these dedicated instructors will help you take the benefits of dance and make a life changing experience.

Before we get to the “nuts and bolts” of the ballroom, here are a few things you might not know about us. Our team has many transferrable skills. In addition to our professional certifications in dance, our instructors have college degrees in biology, geology, mathematics, computer science, biochemistry, environmental science, physics, theology, and theatre, just to name a few. When our staff are not dancing you might find them doing some of the following: karate, soccer, swimming, Tough Mudder, working out, finger painting, mixing music, video editing and fishing. Our consistency as a team guarantees great quality, but it’s the diversity of qualities in each individual that is always entertaining and fun.

Now for the nuts and bolts of it all...some fun facts about Cinema Ballroom:

Great Community

Top Instruction

Great Facility