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Cinema's Spectacular Showcase

Under The Sea

By Daniel Korus

Cinema Ballroom in St. Paul put on the Under the Sea Production on June 11, 2017, and boy was it fun. I have never seen so many smiles in one place. The event was formal, yet relaxed enough so that everyone could enjoy themselves and dance their hearts out. I was so impressed by the decorations and time put into making Cinema Ballroom an underwater adventure. From the decorations hanging from the ceiling, to the people in fish costumes running around, happiness was rich in the air. The showcase had everything a dancer, or viewer, could want. There were even dresses and dance clothing to browse through between performances.

Now to the actual dancing. The showcase featured American Rhythm, International Latin, International Standard, American Smooth, and even a professional show at the end. The dancers ranged from bronze to open so there was a variety to watch. They also had solos that were quite amazing. The solo performances really told stories in their dances and drew the viewers into the dramatic plots. They also had perfectly placed social dances to keep the crowd on their toes. Overall, it was a great atmosphere and the dancing was incredible. If you have a chance, I would highly recommend checking out Cinema Ballroom in St. Paul.