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Social Dance Principles in American Style Viennese Waltz

By Michael Kasinkas and Taylor Wall

Michael Kasinkas and Taylor Wall hopped back into the competitive scene this month at New Jersey Summer Sizzler, where they earned one second place medal and three first place medals in the American Style Dances! Special thanks to members of the University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club for their tremendous support and loud cheering!

We had a great time subbing for Nic Westlake's Monday night Intermediate Tango class while he was abroad. What fun to develop some more difficult steps!

Taylor loves a Viennese Waltz with a driving beat, and with a powerful soundtrack our class looked like we were going into battle, taking over the entire length of the Grand Ballroom.

Viennese Waltz can be a tricky dance, but it is always a group favorite!