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Submission Guidelines

Submissions are due to submissions@sheerdance.com by the 10th of the month prior to publication. Submissions received after the deadline may be used in the upcoming issue or may be saved for a later month. You may request a two-day extension if you include information regarding your topic.

Content is published at the discretion of Sheer Dance based on the policies outlined below. It is our goal to publish all of the content submitted to us in the issue for which it was submitted. Any rejected advertisement or article will come with communication on how it could be edited to be appropriate for publication, with a deadline extension when possible to allow time to effect the necessary alterations.


We print at 300 dpi and accept PDF, PNG, and JPEG file types. When buying a larger advertising package, you may swap in a different ad for each month at no additional fee. Contact ads@sheerdance.com for more information.


When selecting photos to include in the magazine, we try to feature different dancers in each picture, when possible. We look for photos with good lighting, a clear focus, and smiling dancers who are actively dancing.


All articles must be clearly relevant to partner dancing. There are no length requirements or limits, but Sheer Dance may break up longer articles across multiple issues when appropriate. While articles may promote specific events, that cannot be their primary function; they must have a broader applicability to enlightening the dance community. Articles must be respectful and productive. Harassment of any kind will not be published.

Editing Policy

Content submitted to Sheer Dance will be edited for spelling, grammar, sentence structure, style, and appropriateness of content.

Any kind of bigotry, inappropriate religious or political statements, name-calling, verifiably untrue statements, unreasonable and unverifiable claims, and unpaid content that only serves to advertise goods or services are all subject to removal. Content that serves no appropriate purpose will not be published.

If you are dissatisfied with any edits made by Sheer Dance, you are welcome and encouraged to compose a Letter to the Editor, which, so long as it meets the submission guidelines, will be posted in the Discussion section of the subsequent issue with a response from Sheer Dance. Sheer Dance retains the right to discontinue public editorial discussions when they no longer add value for the dance community at large, though private exchanges may still be relevant.