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Volunteer Openings

Assignment Photographer

If you love taking photos and exploring the partner-dancing world, throw in your hat to become an official Sheer Dance photographer! This volunteer will be provided topics and events to cover with action-packed shots.

Assignment Writer

Love writing but never sure what to write about? We supply the topics every month; you supply the articles. Excited, passionate writers with a thirst for exploration are encouraged to consider volunteering for this position.

Community Liaison

Are you the master of the social dancing scene? Share your knowledge by updating our Twin Cities Dance Events and Twin Cities Dance Contacts sections. You'll also be the first to know about your friends' competition results as you compile Results from Around the Country.


We're always looking for more people to commit to writing an article every month that addresses a particular idea or theme relevant to partner dancing. You choose the topic!

Copy Editor

We're looking for a highly skilled linguist with an intimate understanding of American English spelling, punctuation, and grammar to do the first pass of line editing on all articles. This is a very involved role that provides excellent experience for anyone considering a career in publishing.

Your Contribution Here

Have an idea of how you could add value to Sheer Dance that we haven't thought of? Let us know!